Radiant Barriers

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Radiant Barriers

We help local Houston homeowners save on energy costs and gain greater control over the internal temperature of their homes with Radiant Barriers.

Radiant barriers are utilized to reduce summer heat in the attics of local Houston homes and businesses. Attics heat up when the sun’s radiant energy heats the shingles and the heat is transferred to the interior attic space through the roofing materials via the process of conduction. The temperature of the attic space increases and that heat is then transferred to the building below; increasing summer energy consumption and cooling costs. A radiant barrier can lower that heat transfer, keep the attic space cooler, and lower cooling costs by up to 20%!

Better Insulation Solutions

Radiant barriers provide the best insulation benefits to property owners, and at Texas State Roofing, we’re happy to help Houston homeowners explore all of the radiant barrier options available to them. Since our company was founded in 2002, we’ve installed and maintained many radiant barriers in homes of many different styles and ages. When properly installed by a professional like Texas State Roofing, radiant barriers deliver greater control over your property’s internal temperature and help homeowners reduce their cooling costs and energy usage. Meet with our team today to discuss how Texas State Roofing can help you maximize your home investment with professional radiant barrier installation.

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